Broke Boii

Role: Content Developer

Date: Fall 2021


  • The owner at Broke Boii needed training videos to train his employees versus training each of them separately


  • Usability-soft skill
  • Multimedia-soft skill
  • Articulate storyline-hard skill


  • Create employee training through Articulate storyline

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Create proposal and introduce client and solution
  2. Create wireframe
  3. Design website
  4. Conduct usability test and gather feedback
  5. Implement changes
  6. Launch website

Broke Boii is a small business created by Alviez Chagan, a graduate student at Mercer University. This module guides new employees (or anyone who wants to start their own cell phone repair small business) on how to fix common iPhone problems.

In our project, we covered the iPhones 6, 7, and XS Max, along with some general troubleshooting advice.

One of the sections in our project is online short answer quizzes through Articulate Storyline. For this section of the training module, I inserted a Graded Question slide. The next step was to insert the quiz questions open-ended through the Freeform Question function in Articulate Storyline. I inserted the question in the first textbox, while leaving the second box blank. The second box acts as the place for the user to type in their answer.

When the user answers the question, Storyline will grade the answer based on several acceptable answers through the question function on Articulate Storyline. To test this function, I inserted several acceptable and unacceptable answers. For each correct answer, there is a personalized feedback message. For each incorrect answer, the user has a total of two attempts to take the quiz again. The user must answer the question correctly to move on to the next slide.

Please click on the button below to view the project through Articulate 360.

Broke Boii Employee Training: Development

During this stage, I helped created the storyboard and the functional specification for the iPhone 7, XS Max, and Troubleshooting sections of the training. The functional specification included a written wireframe-an audio narration, text, graphic, and buttons sections-for each category of slides.

We created the storyboard through Microsoft Word. It took us over 4 hours to create the storyboard, but we produced a functional specification that did not need any edits.


This project helped me grow in my knowledge of articulate-specifically articulate storyline. I worked with articulate rise in my Instructional Design class, so this class and project helped me focus on the multimedia part of articulate, specifically interactive media. Articulate storyline is very similar to PowerPoint, so all of my PowerPoint skills helped me complete this project. I would like to use Articulate in the future through interactive company training tutorials or introducing clients to new products.

Functional Specification