Department of Homeland Security

Team Leader; Scenario Writer

Spring 2020


  • The Department of Homeland Security needed a usability test to address areas of frustration and navigability.


  • Usability test (remote due to COVID-19)

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Create test plan
  2. Create team charter
  3. Conduct usability testing (1 week)
  4. Analyze data
  5. Prepare PowerPoint presentation
  6. Prepare report


  • Presentation (soft)
  • UX Research (soft)
  • Remote usability testing (soft)


Test Plan Contributions

I wrote the task list, test plan scenarios, pre- and post-test questionnaire (based on an
email from Adriana Vecchio, Web Designer). The scenarios guided the participants through the website. For the final report, my sections were the test objectives, purpose statement,
methodology (except the technology section), general protocol, findings from post-test
questionnaire and its chart.

Project Performance

It was important to pay attention to what participants were typing in the search window and stick to the script, otherwise, they would be off-task, and we would be off-schedule.

Usability Report

PowerPoint Presentation