Kiwanis Clubs

Informational Designer

Spring 2022


  • Professor in Information Science and Technology has connections with Kiwanis Clubs
  • Needed someone to design brochure


  • Technical editing and copywriting


  • Create brochure through Kiwanis Clubs official template

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Review template and discuss content
  2. Create brochure using the given template from Kiwanis Clubs and content given by professor
  3. Review brochure for edits (Total: 4 rounds in 3 months)
  4. Submit brochure for final submission


This was a fun project because I learned about the Kiwanis Clubs through the different types of events happening in Macon, GA. I applied my informational design skills through image layout and decisions, text format, and list design. I learned more about one-on-one team communications with my professor, who was also my indirect client.

Kiwanis Clubs-Final Brochure