Las Guitarras Mexican Grille

Web Developer

Spring 2020


  • The owner at Las Guitarras Mexican Grille did not have an official website
  • They had only Facebook and Instagram pages to advertise dishes and to take order


  • Web Development-Wix web development platform-hard skill
  • Wireframing-Google Slides-hard skill
  • Final presentation and tour of website-soft skill


  • Website through Wix-incorporated images, buttons, and linked Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • The team integrated her Waitr account into the website

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Create proposal and introduce client and solution
  2. Create wireframe
  3. Develop website
  4. Conduct usability test and gather feedback
  5. Implement changes
  6. Launch website


I collaborated with a classmate to create an official website for Guitarras Mexican Grill, a local Mexican Restaurant chain in Macon, GA.

​We used information and pictures from their official Facebook and Instagram pages, including tagging their bartender’s (Maui) Instagram page.

​We focused on their food, culture, fresh water, and Maui’s alcoholic beverages.

Click on the button or scroll down to see screenshots of the website.

Please note that the bartender, Maui, changed his Instagram name after we released the website. The button to Maui’s Instagram page may not work.

View the webpages


Maui the Bartender