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Role: Web Developer

This page discusses each project in-depth. To specifically view the websites I developed, go to my Web Developer Intern for the Nine, LLC page.

Supervisor: Billy Swift, Development Director/Partner

Team: (Web) Development Team

Date: Summer 2022

The first section lists my top clients and other clients, and details about the internship (Problems, Skills, Solution, Steps to Solve/tools). The second section shows screenshots of my work on the clients’ websites.

Top Clients

  1. Spray-On Bedliner Depot
  2. Physiolete
  3. CFNEA
  4. Beeker Property Group
  5. Downtown Social

Other Clients

  • North River Surgical Center
  • GI Associates
  • Fruit Lovely
  • Morrow Companies
  • Cahaba Truck
  • Pastor’s Kitchen
  • Horizon Distributors
  • BHA Bessemer Housing Authority
  • Quarry Academy
  • Foster Law Firm

Top Clients’ Websites


  • Not enough members on the Web Development team to create client’s webpages.


  • Programming in Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, HTML-soft skills
  • Web Development-soft skill
  • Caboose-in-house website software-hard skill


  • Develop webpages based on clients’ requests-features, designs, and methods vary based on the clients
    • Examples of features:
      • Headings (levels 1-2)
      • Body text
      • Photos
      • Icons; logos
      • Videos
      • Buttons
      • Linked text
      • Documents

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Create proposal and introduce client and solution-PM and Design Team
  2. Create wireframe-Design Team
  3. Design website pages- Development Team
  4. Send webpages to clients-Development Team
  5. Clients suggest changes-Development Team
  6. Implement changes-Development Team
  7. Launch website-Development Team
  8. Address any changes post (depends on client) post-launch-Development Team


I really enjoyed this internship. I worked with excellent people doing what I loved and enjoyed a healthy work environment. My past experience in web development with real-world clients-including my work with WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Square-helped me succeed in this internship.

For the future, I wish to continue my work as a web developer for future marketing and web development companies.

Spray-On Bedliner Depot

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