PINES Library

Team Leader; Scenario Writer

Spring 2020

Design Goals


  • The PINES Library needed a usability test to assess navigability.


  • Usability test

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Create test plan
  2. Create team charter
  3. Conduct usability testing (1 week)
  4. Analyze data
  5. Prepare PowerPoint presentation
  6. Prepare report


  • Leadership-team leader (soft)
  • Presentation (soft); PowerPoint (hard)
  • UX Research (soft); GazePoint Analysis (hard)


I maintained consistent communication with my team members regarding meeting times and
reminders, upcoming deadlines, and content feedback for each assignment. My feedback was positive, but honest, feedback. As team leader, I was open to their suggestions because everyone’s feedback gives you a different perspective on how you view your own work.

This project marks my first of many team leader projects. I enjoyed the role because I strengthened my team leadership skills to apply to the rest of my projects in the coming years. Also, this project sparked my interest in an UI/UX career.

PINES Test Plan and Bear Day Poster

Scroll to view or download our report and presentation.