Pro-bono: First Presbyterian Day School Robotics Syndicate

Technical Editor

Fall 2021


  • High-school contact, Ms. Tesch-Jerles needed someone to review First Presbyterian Day School’s (FPD) Robotics Club Syndicate


  • Technical editing and copywriting


  • Suggest edits to the FPD Robotics Syndicate Portfolio through Adobe PDF comments feature

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Review FPD’s Robotics Syndicate
  2. Suggest edits relating to labels, typing errors (typos), clarity, and consistency


I was honored to help a friend with her work with FPD’s Robotics Club. The members at the robotics club did a lot of fantastic projects. It was a privilege to give them technical editing suggestions so they could fully present their work and put their best foot forward professionally.

Below, you will find the PDF document with my editing suggestions, followed by a thank-you letter from the Communication’s Captain, FTC Team.

FPD Robotics Syndicate

Before Suggestions
Edit Suggestions

Thank-you Note