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Usability (User Interface/User Experience)

PINES Library Usability Test

I was the team leader for this project. We tested navigation, checking out a book through the website, and finding libraries near you.

dhs.gov Usability Test

My team and I tested the main website for the Department of Homeland Security. We tested the News section, general navigation, Find My ID, and the Twitter page.

UI/UX Research

With Dr. Philip Gallagher, I worked on various UI/UX topics, including A/B testing, eye-tracking and speak-aloud protocol.

Look for UI/UX Research under UI/UX option on the menu or the User Interface/User Experience page to view my research projects.

Web Design

Las Guitarras Mexican Grill

I and one other team member created the official website for Las Guitarras Mexican Grille from scratch. We used the content from the owner’s Facebook and Instagram pages to advertise her food, drinks, events, and bartender Maui.


Broke Boii

Our team created this training through Articulate storyline. We used buttons, pictures, and text to teach employees at Broke Boii and others who want to start their own cell phone repair business how to repair iPhone 6, 7, and XS Max phones.

Instructional Design

Technical Communications: Student Study Modules

I created two online learning modules through Articulate Rise 360. These lessons/modules review the main concepts from Analyzing Your Audience and Purpose and Poster 2.0 units. The modules use scenarios, quizzes, and games to help students understand the objectives outlined at the beginning of each lesson and the overall TCO 341: Introduction to Technical Communications course.