Skills and Academics

Welcome to my skills and academics!

Scroll down to see a list of my past courses and skills. I only listed skills that would contribute to my career.

Summer 2022

  • Web Development Internship, Nine, LLC.
    • Soft skills: web development
    • Hard skills: In-house web editor; HTML5; JavaScript/Java (ES2015); CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheets)

Spring 2022

  • User Research
    • Hard skills: GazePoint Analysis; GazePoint Control
    • Soft skills: usability tests; research methods; transcription (Speak-Aloud Protocol project); CITI training
  • Portfolio
    • Hard Skill: WordPress
    • Soft skill: web development
  • Social Media Management
    • Hard skills: Google Analytics (Beginner); Adobe Audition
    • Soft skills: social media channel analysis; social media campaign (for MERC-Mercer Engineering and Research Center); presentation
  • Information Science and Technology: CSC (Computer Science) Ambassadors
    • Hard skills: templates; Canva
    • Soft skill: content creation (Mercer University & Kiwanis Clubs)
  • Volleyball

Fall 2021

  • Multimedia
    • Hard skills: Articulate Storyline; Adobe Audition; Audacity
    • Soft skills: instructional design; multimedia; presentation
  • Instructional Design
    • Hard skill: Articulate Rise
    • Soft skills: instructional design; instructional planning; presentation
  • Consumer Behavior
    • Hard skill: Google Slides
    • Soft skills: team leader; marketing analysis; research; surveys
  • Introduction to Biology

Spring 2021

  • Visual Communications
    • Hard skills: Google Sheets and Google Slides
    • Soft skills: instructional design; content creation; data visualization and analysis
  • Project Management
    • Hard skills: Adobe InDesign; Adobe Premiere Pro; Adobe Premiere Rush; Google Slides; Canva
    • Soft skills: team leadership; project management; content creation; presentation
  • Information Science and Technology: Tech Support for Small Businesses
    • Hard skills: Squarespace
    • Soft skills: web development
  • Introduction to Internship
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Pre-Calculus

Fall 2020

  • Environmental Biology
    • Hard skill: Wix
    • Soft skill: web development
  • Technical Editing
    • Soft skill: technical editing
  • Information Design
    • Soft skill: content creation
  • Introduction to Marketing

Spring 2020

  • Usability
    • Leadership: led PINES Library usability test; presentation accepted for academic research fair
    • Hard skills: GazePoint Analysis; Google Slides; Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Soft skills: usability testing (in-person and moderated remote); heuristic evaluation; in-person surveys; UX Research/analysis; presentation
  • Web Design
    • Hard skill: Wix
    • Soft skill: website design/development for Las Guitarras

Fall 2019

  • Technical Communication
    • Soft skills: instructional writing; proposal writing; presentation
  • Tech Support for Mercer University: Library Archives
    • Soft skills: instructional writing; presentation
  • Engineering Design
    • Soft skills: Team Leader for Toothpick Bridge project; writing PDR’s and CDR’s; presentation
  • Information Assurance and Security (cybersecurity)
    • Hard skills: VirtualBox 6.0; Linux Security Onion; Linux Fedora; Windows 8; Windows 10

Information Science & Technology/College of Liberal Arts

Spring 2019

  • Introduction to Databases
    • Hard Skills: SQL (Structured Query Language) Management Studio 17 (2014); Microsoft PowerPoint (version 16)
    • Soft skills: oral and visual presentation
  • Introduction to Operating Systems
    • Hard skills: VirtualBox (version 6), VMWare Workstation (version 15.5 Pro)
    • Soft skills: set up, configure, and troubleshoot Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2016 virtual operating systems

Spring 2018

  • Professional and Technical Communication (Intro)
    • Soft skills: presentation; email and memo writing
  • Information Science and Technology (Intro)
    • Hard skill: VMWare (version 6)
  • Intermediate Spanish II: Intermediate Spanish Conversation and Culture
    • Soft skill: Spanish conversation

Summer 2018

  • Programming I
    • Hard Skill: Java SE 10 (CSCI 1301 at Middle Georgia State University)

Fall 2018

  • Introduction to Networks
    • Hard Skill: VirtualBox 6.0.0
    • Soft skills
      • Windows 8 & 10 and Linux Debian operating systems: configure and troubleshoot computer networks
      • Setup remote servers (Windows Server 2016)

Fall 2017

  • Professional Communication (Intro)
    • Soft skills: instructional writing; proposal writing
    • Hard skills: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (2017)
  • Intermediate Spanish I
    • Soft skill: Spanish writing and grammar
  • Intro to Computing
    • Hard Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (2017)