Starting Gate Marketing

Role: Manager of Quality Control (QC)/ Web Developer/ UI/ UX

Supervisor: Steve Crayne, Development Director/Partner

Date: October 24, 2022 – Current

The first section lists my top clients and other clients, and details about the internship (Problems, Skills, Solution, Steps to Solve/tools). The second section shows screenshots of my work on the clients’ websites.

I daily collaborate with Steve on everything from grammar and content edits to full website revamps. The extent of each project depends on the client’s goal, their needs, and whether or not they already have a full or partial website.

Top Clients

  1. Anata Wellness
  2. Caribbean Escapes
  3. Carr Medical Consultant
  4. Truly Honored
  5. Skyrock Advisors
  6. Dab Dance Studio
  7. C.A.L.P.
  8. Dominion
  9. Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horses
  10. Healing Chickadee
  11. Shelter Connection
  12. Your Family Table
  13. Points 2 Fruition

Top Clients’ Websites

Pages I worked on for Expertise in Results


  • Articles (changing over 40 article titles to Title Case)
  • Fast Forward


  • Collaborated with Owner & Senior-Level Nonprofit Executive & Consultant on changes
  • Various website edits regarding images, removing hover effects, wording
  • Linked signup for conference with Google Forms


Vincent Carr 

Nov 18, 2022 

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“Steven Crayne was very upfront with how he could resolve my issues. I appreciate that he made the work plan very clear. Juliana Hawkinson made modifications to my website that were exceptional, extremely professional and intuitive. I cannot say enough good things about her expertise. I thank both of these people and highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their website.

Thanks again”


(emphasis and bold added)


  • Former web developer resigned
  • Short supply of developers. Only company owner, Steve Crayne, as main designer on all of his clients’ websites-over 15 current or in-progress clients and running his business


  • Wix 2022- web development/designer software (mobile, tablet, and laptop designs)-hard skill
  • Wix Accessibility Wizard-hard skill
  • Wix Logo Maker-hard skill
  • QR Code Monkey-QR code maker-hard skill
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016-hard skill; communications
  • Teamwork-project management
  • Web Development and Design-soft skills
  • Usability-soft skill
  • QR code design-soft skill


  • Develop webpages based on clients’ requests-features, designs, and methods vary based on the clients
    • Examples of features:
      • Headings (levels 1-2)
      • Body text
      • Photos
      • Icons; logos
      • Videos
      • Buttons
      • Linked text
      • Documents

Steps to Solve/Tools

  1. Personally meet with clients over Zoom and/or discuss web edits with Steve
  2. Take meeting notes using personally-designed outline. Steve requested copy of outline.
  3. Design home page from Steve’s past clients’ websites templates.
  4. Meet with client to discuss homepage design. Apply edits until homepage approved.
  5. Once homepage approved, create the other webpages. Number of homepages designed before secondary meeting depend on site complexity.
  6. Review website using Steve’s quality control checklist
  7. Launch website (soft or hard launch, depending on clients’ needs).


I love going to work everyday. My experience with the Nine (see Nine, LLC. tab in the menu) helped me to succeed in this role now because I communicate with clients directly and indirectly. Also, website edits are fun to me because I apply my continuing knowledge of web development, usability, WordPress (for site migrations), and growing knowledge of Wix.

As Director of QC, any and all edits relating to web design, usability, accessibility depend on me. Although this can be intimidating at times, I value the opportunity to demonstrate my academic and web design skills.