A/B Testing


  • Presentation
  • UX Research
  • GazePoint Analysis
  • GazePoint Control


A/B Testing

  • Created interview informed consent forms, recruitment emails, recruitment script, study description, and a sign-up sheet to recruit participants
  • Created post-survey form (through Google Forms) that includes demographic information, which poster gave them the best experience, and ranker scale questions that ask about the text, image, and navigation designs
  • Calibrated and tracked their eye movements through Gazepoint Analysis and Gazepoint Control during usability tests
  • Asked users to draw a map with their eyes and prompts about posters’ images, text, color, and layout, most interesting part of the posters, most confusing parts of the posters, the nicest parts of the posters, the ugliest parts of the two posters’ design, and to draw a map with their eyes
  • Set up different visualization patterns-Fixation Map, Heat Map, Opacity Map, and Bee Swarm- in Gazepoint Analysis
  • Created a figure of AOI’s (Areas of Interest) for the B.S. and M.S. Mercer recruitment posters through Adobe InDesign
  • Created a written report (as a memo) of the results from the A-B Testing and Results project

A-B Testing Results Report